Domino to Exchange 2007-2017 Migration – Get the Brilliant Solution

As we all know Lotus Notes runs with the Server named as Domino and it helps for smooth execution of Lotus Notes while connected to internet. Lotus Notes with Domino is helpful to maintain emailing tasks as well as it also plays the role of data storage utility. The bad thing with Domino Lotus Notes is high maintenance cost as well as it also make call for investment of extra money and it becomes the reason for Domino to Exchange 2007-2017 migration. To execute Domino to Outlook Exchange transition, our Domino to Exchange Migration tool plays crucial role as it keeps all the data items intact after winding up Domino to Outlook conversion.


Get More Advantages with Domino to Exchange Application

Apart from Domino to Exchange Migration, this software has capabilities for multiple conversions including Domino to Exchange, Lotus Notes to Outlook Exchange, and Lotus Domino to Exchange. All these transitions are required to perform in versatile conditions. Businesses and organizations those are running their business with Lotus Notes and Outlook can come across the need to execute any conversion from listed above and to perform these transitions appropriately, our tool plays crucial role. Facility to deliver unfailing transitions is only available with our Domino to Exchange Migration Software. It is all because of addition of powerful and sophisticated techniques.

Use Best Suited Data Transition Utility

For Domino to Exchange migration process, we designed three licenses of our Mail Migration 2010 Wizard. The first one is personal license that is well suited for execution of mail migration on two computer systems. The next is Business license and it is helpful for Domino Outlook migration on various computers located at the same location. If you want to perform Domino to Outlook Exchange transition on various computers located at different global locations then, Enterprise license is relevant for you.

Notes to Exchange Migration Software with Multiple Talented Features

  • Our clients feel satisfied with tool's performance because it is fast, supreme, and highly talented in making data migration

  • If you have live Exchange server, then also there is no issue in making data migration from Lotus Notes

  • You need not to consider versions as problem, as our tool works with all the Domino, Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Outlook editions

  • If you have sumptuous of data to be migrated in Outlook, then there will automated creation of new PST file just after PST file reaches 20 GB file size limit

  • There is option to map NSF files in Exchange server mailboxes

  • By downloading our Notes to Exchange migration software in freeware demo edition, you will come to know about features and working procedure. After you feel satisfied with demo run of the too, there will be no issues in buying application for making complete data migration

  • It is a complete time savior application as it makes batch migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange

  • You can deduct some of folders while migrating data from Lotus Notes to Exchange according to your choice

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